3 Keys to Overcoming Fear By Yung Semaj

Not too long ago I sent out an email blast asking the supporters and fans who have signed up to yungsemaj.com to email me back with anything that they were dealing with!

One common thing that came up was the topic of fear! So I responded to a specific email from a supporter with the following keys to OVERCOMING FEAR! This person let me know how helpful this information is and I was given permission to post it in mylatest blog! I hope it’s just as helpful for you!


Hi ________,

Thanks so much for contacting me! It means a lot that you woul respond and ask for some tips and/or advice from me! I’m happy to come along side you and assist in anyway I can! In fact I’m amped and excited to….so let’s get started!

Let’s begin by first addressing and dismantling what we both know to be the issue! You have already identified your and all of our monster! You’re right it’s FEAR! So let’s put fear under the microscope!

What really is fear? Fear is actually a secondary word! The word fear was only created to shorten the explaination that
that there is an absence of Faith!

Just like when you explained in your email- You said that you were afraid that no one would pay to contract you! The answer and/or solution to your problems both privately and professionally can be formulated in a sentence that is opposite of yours! It would read like the following: _____ has FAITH that someone will pay to contract her!

Like most things in life although the answer is simple the application is not so much! So my service to you will be to share some things I have learned in the process of starting and running a business. These things Will also teach you how to overcome fear! Here goes…

1. Always Operate out of abundance

I will never forget my first of many trips to Louisiana! It was for a concert with the group! When our plane touched down the first thing our awesome hosts had on the itinerary was…FOOD!!!

I’m talking about welcome to a DEEPER south than you’re from, where we like to eat MORE than you do BUFFET! A PRIVATE BUFFET, might I add! There was enough food to feed an entire football team for just a few of us! I can still taste that bacon-wrapped shrimp and that praline catfish!!! What we had in front of us was DEFINITELY an abundance!

Whenever I was sitting at the table eating this surplus of shrimp can you guess the thoughts and emotions I felt! I can tell you a few ones I definitely did NOT have… “Will I be full after this meal?”… “Does the Chef have enough work back there?” “Is there going to be enough food to go around?”

I was NOT having these thoughts while sitting there eating because I was aware of the abundance in front of me! In the same way you also have an abundance in front of and more importantly INSIDE of you!

The only difference between a rich man and a poor man is habits! What I want to suggest to you is that you get in the habit of purposefully setting up your daily routine in a way that starts you off operating from a position of abundance!

For me meditation has been something that I have adopted into my morning ritual. I discovered that meditation has been adopted by several cultures throughout history and people use it in different ways! For me meditation is simply defined as training my mind! My goal in meditation is to practice calming my mind by focusing on the moment in the perspective that I am in need of nothing!

For 15 minutes I continuously train my thoughts to only focus on basically shalom peace! Knowing that in that moment I am not only completely supplied but that I have more than what I need to accomplish every task, responsibility and/or goal!

When you think like this you operate like this since thoughts lead to actions! So when you are face with problems in life you know that you have the answer so then emotionally you are not drained or discouraged you are excited to take on the challenge and find the solution!

2. Shame yourself… The right way!

What do I mean? Well I’ve learned or really I’ve finally bought into the idea that every person on the planet has been given their measure of greatness! This greatness is in some way a service to the rest of the world!

No one can effect your sphere like you! That’s because no one can walk the path you’ve walked! What really drove this idea home for me was when I really thought about it….

Even if someone has been through the same things that you have there is no way that they can take in or perceive those events exactly like you do! Which means that no one else has the ability to respond in the way that you can!

Only Steve Jobs could perceive and respond to the challenges he was facing and the steps he was taking when he embarked on his mission at Apple! And look at the results of him embracing his quest! Embodying his greatness!

What Steve Jobs and many others alike understood was that it would be a shame not to pursue their own greatness! Not because of they were selfish but because they weren’t!

Wouldn’t it be a shame for us to have all this greatness inside of us and let it go to waste because of fear? Isn’t it selfish of us to have something unique that can inspire the next generation or even our peers and never tap into it?

It’s selfish not to share your greatness with the world and SHAME ON YOU if you don’t step out of your comfort zone, be great and start something for that 5 year old who sees you and now has someone who looks like them who is out here taking charge and owning life!

3. Enjoy Each Day!

When we remember that the process is our payment we can do it all having fun! We will find ourselves taking each business and personal challenge on with an embracing spirit!

Just recently I was faced with a financial challenge. We will make a long story short and just say that due to my lack of communication I was left with no transportation and no access to money!

I think these type of situations are always stressful! You are always thinking you’re stuck. You are battling the feeling of being stranded. But for me this particular time I was able to shut those thoughts and feelings completely off!

I knew that I had other responsibilities and obligations that HAD to be met. So I told myself “this can not happen, the only possible outcome is to win!”

Then I purposefully shut out all negative thoughts and begin to download my mind with all possible solutions!
The actual solution ended up being me working a deal with a client, a producer to send me a payment in advance for mastering his beat! After a few texts and a phone call he paypal’d me the funds and I was back in business!

Of course there were other options. But I took away the option of fear and only left myself with one option and that was to win!

That’s what you have to do to enjoy each day! Block out fear and choose to win no matter what! When you do this, then win is exactly what you will do! You will learn to enjoy winning because the war is already won!
Written by: Gabriel Yung Semaj Dunham

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