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Why indie music artists MUST focus on their ONLINE presence! 


Written by Gabriel Yung Semaj Dunham ( 


1. CDs are almost Obsolete. 

You are reading this right now on a digital platform. Which is to my point, CDs are almost obsolete. This is because of the new way the music industry is operating with the explosion of the Internet, social media and the digital age. Since supporters and fans are now just a click away from listening to music using their smartphones CDs are becoming less important. 

This digital age is evolving and we are seeing technology change mostly everything we use. Since technology is helping so many industries it's a must as an indie artist that you stay updated how it's effecting the music business. For example- less and less people need CDs  for their cars since practically all vehicles are being made with auxiliary inputs now.

This is also because of smartphones. Since smartphones are so highly used, most companies have in some way invested in making sure they can connect with customers via then mobile device (e.i iPhone, Android, Tablets, etc). Which is very wise since our phones are probably the number one thing we can't put down all day! 


2. You can physically deliver a digital product. 

A few years ago I would have probably told you that CDs were still a big need for indie music artist. My argument would have been that people still want and need that physical touch and having them at concerts/ events was a must. At the time I was probably right. 

But since we have seen such a bigger shift in the way we interact with content like music, videos and books. Indie music artist need to learn to be innovative and creative when trying to get their music in front of potential customers and fans. Discover ways you can physically make your digital product available. 

One way that I discovered I could sell or give my music away but still maintain that physically touch was to invest in getting some "drop cards".  This is basically a flyer/card that contains information like a download code and an online link to your mixtape, album and/or general music. Later, I found out that you can really go all out and display these on the inside of custom made greeting cards! You could even write you fans/customers a special note! 

3. Your website can say much more than you can! 

Since you are giving them something physical but sending them to a digital platform you should leverage it! I make sure that the link to my mixtapes, albums, film music etc either goes directly to my official website or to a site that has my official website displayed somewhere visible to everyone. 

This is because my official website contains so much more about me than the music the person is initially introduced to. It has things like my bio which give my listener some background behind the music. If the person likes what they hear or if they are coming to my website to purchase music then they will also see the opportunity to book me for a concert and/or speaking event! 

At concert and even at meet and greets, music artist and their fans are limited on how much information can be shared. But when potential supporters and/or fans go to your official website they take their time and learn more about who you are and what you have to offer. They are also able to have access to things like your mailing list, which is tremendously helpful in keeping them constantly updated on the music and events you've got going on!

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