Episode 2: How Indie Music Artist can get PAID! 

Welcome to episode #2 of the FireHowze Podcast. This episode will cover tips and different ways independent music artist can get paid. While doing some studying to prepare and sharpen himself for this episode, Yung Semaj stumbled across the Bandzoogle Blog. There was an article written by Dave Cool entitled "18 Ways Musicians can Make Money."  Dave Cool has some very good information but his points are very brief in that article this was probably intentional given the fact that he was cover some many ways musicians can make money. In this episode of the FireHowze Podcast,  Yung Semaj shares how some of the ways to make money have worked or have not worked for him over the past 9 years he's been an indie music artist. 

Note: There were also tips talked about in this episode that was referenced in a blog (Musicians- How to get Sponsored Part 1) written by Dave Huffman of the Indie Launching Pad. Both of these articles we highly recommend you to go read!

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