Episode 5: When to SPAZZ out VS when to CHILL out? 

Yung Semaj talks more about his Facebook post which speaks of him missing out on chaperoning for his daughter's field trip! 


The FaceBook Post:

I feel so bad for my daughter Jessica. I was supposed to be a chaperone on her field trip today. The Rock Hill School District makes you do a background check before you are able to go. It’s supposed to take 48hrs to go through but mines took longer because in Lancaster county they have to send an actual person instead of doing it all electronically (that’s what I was told). I eat lunch with her at least once a week and her classmates love me. They know I’m a rapper and they always ask me questions and want to sit near me. Last time I ate lunch they asked me about my MERCH and I told them I’d bring them something! I had them some YUNG SEMAJ stickers and  an Easter gift! I was also going to make a field trip video for the class to watch together.... I want to blame the Rock Hill School District for not having a better system (they don’t even have a way to check for you even if the form was already processed) but Jessica told me about filling out that background form last Thursday and I didn’t submit it until Monday! Which was ON TIME but wasn’t earlier enough to ensure nothing happened due to a technicality. Had I been on that field trip I would have posted about what a grand time we had. But I’m not because I went about it with an average mindset, I should have been on top of that field trip like I’m on top of some business and music ventures! The disappointment she felt was on her face and in her body language. So if your kids mentioned you chaperoning their field trip make sure you get right on getting that form filled out immediately. They give you a card that you have to show to your kids school! It’s my favorite job so it’s not often you’ll hear me say this but BIG FAIL in the Daddy department today! Hopefully my failure will prevent this from happening to someone else. I did feel some kind of way about it on a moral level. I felt like someone was saying “hey I’m taking your kid somewhere and you can’t come.” I didn’t want to spoil Jessica day any further so I just dropped it moved on. Anyways that’s life #peaksANDvaLLeYs

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