SEMAJvlog Ep.9

Child Support when your are already providing? Do i need a lawyer for my child support case? If i am taking care of my kids how why am I being sued for child support? Welcome to episode 9 of the SEMAJvlog! Yung Semaj who is known to show an overwhelming amount of love and involvement in his children's lives both privately and publicly found himself in a situation that he describes as an attack on his character! He found out he was being sued for child support. In this episode Yung Semaj addresses a very personal topic but one that is indeed a threat for many others. He talks about how he had no law, represented himself and won his child support case and gives practical steps and a guide on how others can do the same. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: SEMAJclothing: MUSIC by YUNG SEMAJ: FIREHOWZE PODCAST: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

SEMAJvlog Ep.8

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! This is episode 8 of the SEMAJvlog. Episode 8 is all about learning how to turn negative life events into something positive and useful! In this episode Yung Semaj opens up and tells his story of almost becoming a felon and how although he accumulated a criminal record he beat the odds! Yung Semaj talks about how he literally went from the cage to the stage and even gives practical steps and advice on how anyone can use negative past events for positive future outcomes!

SEMAJvlog Ep. 7

Welcome to episode 7 of the SemajVLOG. In this VLOG,  Semaj talks about his love/hate relationship with holidays. You can tell YungSemaj is passionate about this topic as he goes on several rants, giving you boatloads of information about how we the people are being programmed by the holidays. As he always states, YungSemaj attempts to be balanced while giving you the pros and cons of the holidays. He talks about the importance of spending time with family, making memories and living a life of generosity. This is what he likes about the holidays, however, YungSemaj also intensely delivers a WARNING to us all to not wait on the holidays to embrace those things we love. Watch this episode and you will find out why Yung Semaj hates the holidays yet still participates in the celebration of them, you will also learn the meaning of the holidays and the history behind them. 


Topic of Discussion: 


1. Pros of the Holidays

2. Cons of the Holidays

3. Why I still celebrate them

SEMAJvlog Ep. 6

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