SEMAJvlog - special episode

This video is about the interview Soulja Boy recently did with the Breakfast Club. Yung Semaj talks about why he takes sides with SouljaBoy and validates Big Draco as one of the pioneers and the first to take advantage of the music industry using the internet and social media. You will also get a little more insight on how this blueprint to the music industry and internet help launch his own music career

SEMAJvlog Ep.12

In episode 12 of the SEMAJvlog Yung Semaj share 15 random facts about himself. You will see and hear stories like how Yung Semaj once drove 34 hours total to do a concert for 10 people! Episodes like these make you smile and cry at the same time because of the genuine way in which Semaj shares random facts about his personal life. Yung Semaj also talks about winning an award for music. As well as how life was growing up being the youngest child.

SEMAJvlog Ep. 11

We are really rolling along with the SEMAJvlog. In episode 11 Yung Semaj talks about this favorite rappers, his TOP 5 favorite rappers to be exact! As you watch you will be captivated by how passionately and precisely Yung Semaj share his views on his top artist and why he pick them to be in his TOP 5 RAPPERS list!

SEMAJvlog Ep.10

Have you ever wanted to be a YouTuber or start a Vlog? In episode 10, milestone episode of the SEMAJvlog, Yung Semaj talks about the hard work it takes to maintain a YouTube channel and/or vlog. Watch and you will witness Yung Semaj critique himself and his previous videos/vlogs. You will definitely be entertained during this episode and if you’re and aspiring YouTuber or Vlogger hopefully this will help give you some ideas, tips and strategies!

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