SEMAJvlog George Floyd Episode

In this first episode of the SEMAJVLOG which features the sad and tragic story of George Floyd, Yung Semaj simply documents and captures footage of a local march/protest put on by churches and members of the Rock Hill, SC community. You will see #SpikeBrieTv out with Yung Semaj as he captures footage of the prayers, speeches and marching around the city! Pastor Robinson and Pastor CT Kirk’s moments of addressing the injustice done to George Floyd are caught up close as Yung Semaj and SpikeBrieTV maneuver through the large crowd to get the best view! 

SEMAJvlog Special Episode

I was out shooting footage for the NEW music video when dude walked up and said he liked what I was rapping about! He said he was homeless... and since the song is about people not judging others based off outward appearances or current circumstances I thought it would be a good idea to let him help out. He said he was hungry and I only planned to get a few still shots but since Josh was there to get the motion shots, I actually shot the whole video. I hired him for the day and got him some food. He showed me the bridge that he used to live under, scenes of it are in the official music video.

SEMAJvlog Ep.15

TOP 5 Books to read: In this episode of the SEMAJvlog Yung Semaj talks about which books he recommends that anyone from any walk of life should read. Yung Semaj claims to have picked out not only some of the best books to read but also the best combonation of books. Reading all these books consecutively will give you insight and understading in many arenas of life!

SEMAJvlog Ep. 14

Episode 14 of the SEMAJvlog covers the world’s TOP 5 PUBLIC SPEAKERS! Yung Semaj shares his favorite and most influential speakers, public speakers who changed his perspective and life. He suggests that you watch or listen to these speakers if you have a desire to grow and develop personally! He gives insights on who each speaker is and why he specifically chose them as his top 5 public speakers! 

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